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Advertising your Vacancies – JobShop

We are happy to advertise jobs, internships, volunteering, work experience and postgraduate opportunities on behalf of organisations and employers.  Please select the appropriate link from the list below.

Advertise jobs, internships, volunteering, work experience and postgraduate opportunities on our CareersPortal.

Important - Please Read

Minimum Criteria for Advertising Voluntary Opportunities to University of Dundee Students and Graduates

We set some basic requirements for you to have in place before you access our services to promote your opportunities to students. This is to safeguard both yourself and potential student volunteers. Please ensure you read this carefully below continuing.

The following are essential requirements:

  • Insurance that sufficiently covers your volunteers' activities
  • A Health and Safety Policy that follows regulations in relation to the volunteers' work with your organisation or project
  • If the activity relates to volunteering with children or vulnerable adults, we require you to comply with current legislation regarding disclosure/criminal record checks

We also strongly encourage organisations to have the following:

  • A specific person who can act as a "go to" contact for the volunteer
  • Regular volunteer supervision (formal or informal)
  • A system of volunteer induction and training
  • A Volunteer Policy with clear guidelines about induction, training, support, supervision and responsibility for volunteers and ending a volunteer role
  • An Equal Opportunities Policy for your organisation as a whole.

Yes, I confirm that our organisation meets the Minimum Criteria and agree to abide by the Service Level Agreement.

I am unable to confirm that our organisation meets the Minimum Criteria and agree to abide by the Service Level Agreement.

We are happy to advertise on behalf of Recruitment Agencies/Job Boards only when:

  • an employer has commissioned the agency to act on their behalf and the agency states which employer it represents, provides information about, and selects only for the named employer.
  • the Careers Service is satisfied that such representation is clearly in the interests of students and of the University.

Please note that:

  • the employer must be named in the vacancy entry and be visible to students;
  • salary information should be provided and is not commission based/commission element;
  • the only web link we will include will be to the employer's own site.
  • we are unable to target students/graduates on an individual basis due to data protection issues.

Please note that if you do not meet the above criteria, then your advert will be rejected.

To register and upload your vacancies, please visit our CareersPortal.

Raise your Profile

We provide a range of services to help you raise your company profile with our students and recent graduates (see below).  The Employer Team are happy to discuss these options with you.

You can:

  • Get involved with our accredited Career Planning Modules.

Attend one of our Fairs and promote your vacancies while showcasing your company portfolio.

If you are interested in attending one of our Fairs, please email the Employer Team for further information.

The School Tutoring Programme, which has been in existence since 1991, provides students with an opportunity to gain classroom experience, through placements in local schools to help them make an informed decision as to whether teaching is a suitable career choice for them. It also provides essential experience and supports applications for the PGDE programme for those who have made a decision to follow a career in teaching.

We are therefore keen to work with schools who are interested in offering placements to our students.

  • The programme is open to all matriculated students from the University of Dundee, from all subject areas and all levels.
  • All participating students are PVG checked before starting a placement.
  • Placements typically last for half a day per week for 8-10 weeks.
  • Most students require no report at the end of the placement. For the few that do, the required information is short and straight forward to complete.

Feedback from participating primary and secondary schools is very positive. Examples of some of the activities that students have been involved in include:

  • Assistance with class projects.
  • Helping pupils with computers, science experiments and arts and crafts.
  • Group work and discussions with pupils.
  • Helping pupils learn a foreign language.

Students on placement in secondary schools are often asked to discuss life at university with pupils which can help pupils considering progressing to higher education after leaving school.

If your school would like to offer a placement please complete the STP School Registration Form and a member of the Careers Service team will be in touch, alternatively you can contact us if you would like to discuss this further on 01382 386707 or email student-tutoring@dundee.ac.uk

We welcome contrubutions to our Careers Blog from employers and organisations. 

We are particularly interested in:

  • graduate experiences on your graduate training scheme(s)
  • what skills and experience you look for in applications and at interview
  • graduate market "good news" stories

Delivering a presentation to students is a perfect way to raise your profile. You can tell interested students first hand what your organisation has to offer and how they should proceed.  

Running a skills session is also a great way to meet and support motivated students.

We can advise on the best time of year to hold your presentation to maximise attendance.  We can also assist with the advertising and marketing of your event.

We can help you find local interview accommodation either at the Careers Service or on the University Campus.*

*subject to status

We are keen to support international talent and work with employers who have a particular interest in our international students.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Language skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Thinking skills and new ideas
  • Mobility

Permission to Work:

Kirstin Bannon:  Kirstin is our Employer Marketing Manager who oversees internships and employer relations.  She is also involved in the Careers and Volunteering Fairs.

Alison Mackay:  Alison manages the JobShop, Employer Presentations, Legal Recruitment Fair, Nursing and Healthcare Recruitment Fair, Information Resource and Website.

Richard Pool:  Richard is responsible for Dundee Plus and the School Tutoring Programme.

Karen Smith:  Karen develops links with employers to generate case studies, internships and graduate employment for Business students.

Mark McCabe:  Mark is our DUTE Administrator and is involved in the running of Fairs.


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