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Internships and placements

Offering internships and placements will benefit your organisation and provide a platform to let our students shine in the workplace.

You can:

  • test-drive a potential new role within your organisation
  • identify talent that you may want to recruit as a graduate
  • get a new perspective or approach to projects
  • complete a piece of work of value to your organisation

Students who undertake internships and/or work experience can gain academic credit and valuable experience.

“I consider that a good professional working partnership is key to leading and developing new opportunities locally. I have had the good fortune of working closely with you as a university delivering workshops, supporting interns and more. The partnership we have established is fundamental to leading and directing ways of working to support young people who are looking to be placed with future internships along with other events and activities associated in supporting and investing in young people - both local and international students”

Dawn Forester, DC Thomson – Employability Programme Manager.

How we can help you

If you are considering offering internships or placements, our employer engagement team is here to help. We will help you identify and develop possible opportunities and guide you in recruiting our talented students. One size doesn’t fit all so we will tailor advice and help you find the best solution for you.

In-course internships and placements

We have a number of courses where students are required to complete an internship or placement. Their effort is rewarded with academic credit for their degree courses. These can vary in duration and content depending on the subject area you’re looking to recruit from.

Internship module

“Our placement students were prepared, professional and went above and beyond to deliver results for the young people we work with!”
Brook Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Feeling Strong

The programme provides a flexible solution to take on second year interns for a 30 hour project at times to suit you.

Care is taken to match you with the right intern for the role so as to achieve the best possible outcome for your organisation and our students. Some examples of placements offered include marketing, social media, content writing, design and linguistics. If you would like to offer a different type of placement, we can help you.

To find our more information please view the Placement Provider Handbook or contact the Careers Service

Live projects / applied consultancy

MSc students can be tasked with your project/issue/problem/question/opportunity. This can be a team effort with up to five students tackling your opportunity, together as a group, although reporting individually.

We would agree a timeline and arrange on-site visits, and provide academic support for students and the company throughout the project.

Stand-alone internships and placements

Not all internship opportunities will fit as an in-course internship or placement. We can easily work with you to establish the model that best suits the needs of your business. If you already have an established internship or work experience programme, we are also happy to help you advertise this through our JobShop

Connect your business with our student and graduate talent

Download our Employer Engagement Brochure for more information

We work with you to understand your business needs and provide a tailored range of services to help you achieve your goals.