Local history collections

Our local history collections have been created by local businesses, societies and organisations.

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Created by local businesses (we have particularly strong jute and textile collections), societies and organisations. Also represented are local churches, families and individuals (for example Peter Charmichael) as well as theatre and the arts. A rich source of information for those exploring local history, the collections contain administrative, legal and financial papers, official and personal correspondence, diaries, maps, plans, photographs, film and audio material.  

There is an international aspect to many of these collections, reflecting Dundee’s links with India and the lives of local people who travelled and worked overseas, including jute employees, missionaries, whalers and doctors.  

We also hold a broad range of comics collections which cover British and American publications, as well as over 10,000 maps and plans relating to buildings and development across Dundee and beyond.  


Explore our archives and collections with this online catalogue.