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Would you like to become a doctor but not sure if you've studied the correct subjects or have high enough grades? We can help you make the best possible start

Date of entry

September 2023

Start date
September 2023
1 year
Study mode
Full Time
Dundee City Campus / Ninewells Hospital

This information will be updated by mid October for entry in 2023

Gateway is a one-year course designed to support you towards the five-year Dundee MBChB course if you meet relevant criteria.

Maybe you haven't studied chemistry to a high enough level or perhaps your grades have suffered due to hardship in your personal, home, or school life.

Our experienced staff will support you from day one and work closely with you to help you achieve your potential. You'll also benefit from our small and friendly learning community that will make you feel at home and support your learning.

As far as possible, what you study will be tailored to your personal academic needs and aspirations. If you are short of chemistry, maths, or physics, or you are still not confident in these subjects, you will study those in Semester 1.

Once you have chosen the right science subjects to help you progress, you'll  select other subjects to complete your timetable.

Psychology can help you understand how patients behave and the signs and symptoms of neurological disorders. You can also choose anatomy modules, or one that gives you the option to study parts of the human skeleton in detail.

We also offer modules that cover key healthcare themes: healthcare provision in the UK, getting familiar with a working hospital by shadowing senior medical students, and making a difference by volunteering in the local community in a caring role. Our students find these valuable and enjoyable, plus they will help you learn how to talk to patients, which is something everyone finds a bit intimidating to begin with.

“I was diagnosed with polio at 9 months of age, which left me severely disabled. Because of the type of medical care I have received and always being exposed to the medical world, my love for medicine continued to grow as I grew older. I remember always wanting to be on the opposite side of the hospital bed. But unfortunately I missed a whole chunk of my education to be in the hospital and then on bed rest. This meant that I couldn’t achieve the grades necessary to get into medicine. I was given a second opportunity through the Gateway year. I was sceptical but excited at the same time. The gateway year was absolutely designed for me. I was able to catch up on a lot the gaps I had in my education whilst working towards my goal. I was given every opportunity to discuss any issues I was facing financially, personality or socially. I met a lot new people who are now some of my very close friends.”

Ramza Bibi, MBChB Medicine student

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