You will be taught using the following methods:

  • lectures
  • tutorials
  • practical laboratory sessions
  • workshops 
  • clinical skills classes

From Level 3, a large proportion of your timetable will be dedicated to clinical sessions across the full range of dental disciplines. 


You will be assessed throughout your course using:

  • online multiple choice formats
  • assessments of practical and clinical skills
  • coursework 
  • reflective portfolio


4D Clinical Dentistry 1: Foundation for Dental Practice

Credits: 60 Module code: DS21001

Module 1 is designed to support new students from a range of backgrounds. It will help transition you to independent learning as a student professional. You will gain the technical, clinical and communication skills in simulated environments supported by foundation knowledge to prepare you for first patient contact in Module 2.


4D Clinical Dentistry 2: Transition to Patient Care

Credits: 60 Module code: DS22001

Module 2 builds on your knowledge and skills from module 1. During this module, you will work with patients in the dental hospital taking medical, dental and social histories. You will perform routine oral examinations, deliver preventative advice and carry out simple periodontal care. You will gain an appreciation of public health, inequalities, and the burden of disease. Your operative skills will be built on with the introduction of prescribed tasks using rotary instruments in a simulated environment.


Clinical Dentistry 3

Credits: 72 Module code: DS31001

This module builds on the skills and knowledge obtained in modules 1 and 2. In this module, you will begin the placement of dental restorations ('fillings') as part of a treatment plan. You will study the carious (tooth decay) process and appraise and use contemporary management strategies. You will learn to manage pain with local anaesthesia, supported by an applied knowledge of the relevant anatomical, physiological, pharmacological and behavioural sciences. You will develop your understanding of medical histories by examining wider systems and disease processes. As you consolidate your clinical skills, you will be introduced to more complex patient groups, such as anxious patients and those with special needs. You will continue to advance your professionalism and understanding of patient safety, and will be introduced to the concepts of consent, risk and evidence-based trials.


Clinical Dentistry 4

Credits: 72 Module code: DS32001

In this module, you will consolidate the clinical skills and knowledge gained in modules 1-3, with continued clinical exposure to gradually more diverse treatments and patient groups. In preparation for the management of child patients in Module 5, you will explore developing dentition and craniofacial development, along with simulated skills for the management of child patients. You will study occlusion and mastication in preparation for more advanced restorative care in module 5.

Your understanding and interpretation of a medical history will be supported by the study of genetics, tumours and neoplasia. You will be introduced to ENT and GI, as well as the management of infection and prescribing. You will begin to learn about support of pregnant and nursing mothers. As your knowledge of team working, professionalism, and patient safety continues to develop, you will be taught about the treatment of medical emergencies, and about communication of best evidence-based practice to patients.


Clinical Dentistry 5

Credits: 84 Module code: DS41001

During module 5, you will broaden your clinical experience. You will be introduced to child patients and begin your oral surgery experience. Your management of child patients will build on what you learned in the simulated environment in module 4, and will be reinforced by communication skills targeted at supporting child patients. Your clinical introduction to oral surgery will be supported by reflection on the anatomical and biomedical sciences to explore bone biology, wound healing and the management of patients with bleeding disorders.

You will also begin to study more complex restorative problems – management of edentulous spaces, placement of indirect restorations and endodontics. You'll start learning about these in the simulated environment, supported by the scientific foundation, with a focus on integrated restorative treatment planning.


Clinical Dentistry 6

Credits: 88 Module code: DS41002

During module 6, you will further enhance your clinical exposure built up in earlier modules with clinical fixed and removable prosthodontics and endodontics, which you will carry out with an emphasis on integrated care. To support this, you learn about communicating complex treatments to patients, the medicolegal aspects of the delivery of complex care, and working with the wider dental team. This module introduces oral medicine, relates oral health to general health, dermatology and non-dental orofacial facial pain. 


Clinical Dentistry 7

Credits: 88 Module code: DS42001

In module 7 you will be introduced to the clinical practice of endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) for multi-rooted teeth and replacement of teeth by either fixed or removable means. You will learn through experience about surgical aspects of restorative dentistry, and gain a deeper understanding of oral and maxillofacial injury and its management, as well as wider maxillofacial pathology and scope for specialist referral. You will learn about simple management of the child patient and those requiring some orthodontic treatment, and develop an understanding of appropriate referral of such cases.


Clinical Dentistry 8

Credits: 88 Module code: DS42002

In this module you will build on the theory introduced in earlier modules to develop the clinical practise of sedation for minor oral surgical procedures. You will also have the opportunity to observe surgical restorative dentistry, including placement of dental implants and periodontal surgery. This module also covers team-building attributes regarding personal development and receiving feedback, and the legal aspects of patient capacity to consent for care.


Clinical Dentistry 9

Credits: 120 Module code: DS50020

Module 9 continues with the horizontal and vertical integration of the 5 themes of the programme, building and enhancing skills. You will take a holistic approach to patient care with Integrated Oral Care clinics, and you will continue with outreach sessions in Semester 1 of the module. You will have the opportunity to enhance clinical skills and treat more complex cases through a diverse case load and attendance at consultant clinics across the disciplines. You will hone your management and leadership skills, with a strong focus towards developing independent and lifelong learning.

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