Date of entry

September 2024

Parul Mishra
“I owe the fact that I am now employed to my lecturers and my university. I see so many links between my learning and what I do now; I'm able to see from a business owner's perspective and identify the challenges they face in their daily operations, which in turn has made me perform better in my role as I can directly translate the benefits of technology into business value. I'm able to draw upon things I studied in Finance, Big Data, Business Law and Ethics (to name a few) and speak to prospects in terms that they will understand.”

Parul Mishra, Business Management BSc (Hons) graduate, 2021, from UK

Victoria Baird
“The University helped me get where I am today by offering internships, providing me with the option to undertake a live project for my dissertation and explore the different aspects of business. It was through these opportunities I found my passion for marketing and I now work in the marketing department of a global financial services company, and I love it!”

Victoria Baird, BSc Business Management

“I started my career, as a digital marketing executive at a small agency in Edinburgh - within 2 years, I was the Head of that same agency; now, I have returned home to Denmark; and I spend my days advising major international clients on their digital marketing setups and growth strategies.”

Daniella Karaoglan Christensen Class of 2019

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