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September 2022

As a more general degree in terms of the breadth of areas taught, many students start their Business Management degree, uncertain of exactly what they want to do as a career.

Our Business Management degree first launched around 10 years ago, so we have a decade of graduates entering the job market from this degree and we can see the incredible range of jobs and companies that they work for. Too many to highlight here, but the important thing is to highlight just how much of a range there is. Some examples to demonstrate this, include:

  • Textile Manager at an industry services company
  • Marketing Assistant at a Scottish food brand
  • Consultant at Deloitte
  • Operations Analyst at American Express
  • Assistant Project Manager, business consultancy organisation
  • Digital Marketing Consultant for an Agency in Denmark
  • Graduate Business Analyst at the financial services company; abrdn
  • Retail Merchandiser at a Retail Parent company
  • Secondary School Teacher of Business Education
  • Marketing and Community Engagement Associate, private Estate
  • HR Partner at Ofcom, London
  • Business Development Manager in the oil and gas industry
  • Entrepreneur/business owner – retail business
  • Marketing Manager in the charity sector

These are just a very small number of examples, but they evidence what really is a vast range of spread and opportunity. Those that succeed, are the ones that get involved and take every opportunity available, whilst balancing a positive, confident attitude with hard-work and dedication.

Parul Mishra
“I owe the fact that I am now employed to my lecturers and my university. I see so many links between my learning and what I do now; I'm able to see from a business owner's perspective and identify the challenges they face in their daily operations, which in turn has made me perform better in my role as I can directly translate the benefits of technology into business value. I'm able to draw upon things I studied in Finance, Big Data, Business Law and Ethics (to name a few) and speak to prospects in terms that they will understand.”

Parul Mishra, Business Management BSc (Hons) graduate, 2021, from UK

Victoria Baird
“The University helped me get where I am today by offering internships, providing me with the option to undertake a live project for my dissertation and explore the different aspects of business. It was through these opportunities I found my passion for marketing and I now work in the marketing department of a global financial services company, and I love it!”

Victoria Baird, BSc Business Management

“I started my career, as a digital marketing executive at a small agency in Edinburgh - within 2 years, I was the Head of that same agency; now, I have returned home to Denmark; and I spend my days advising major international clients on their digital marketing setups and growth strategies.”

Daniella Karaoglan Christensen Class of 2019

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