Cameron Laws – Internship China experience

Published on 2 November 2020

Students studying one of our Master’s degrees listed below, get the opportunity to complete an 8-week internship, in China, Mexico, Vietnam or Manchester in the UK

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We started offering these internships in 2018 and they have grown in popularity every year.

The degrees that offer the internship are:

The students do the internship as part of their Master’s final project so they are assessed on their performance. They do get a say in the type of organisation and role that they would like to do and they are fully supported during the 8-weeks by their host organisation, and also the team at Pagoda Projects, who support and manage the internship scheme for us. The experience is so important for students. Whilst at University, any type of internship is valuable, but one that takes the student to another country is so important and gives them an excellent set of skills.

Cameron Laws shares his experience of working in China for the 8-week period.

“As an International Business MSc student, I got the chance to complete an 8-week internship in China. This was a great opportunity.

“I spent the 8-weeks in Dalian (a costal city, located close to North Korea) working in a renewable energy firm that focused on solar energy called CDS Solar. My role was that of a sales and marketing representative.

“The best part was gaining work place education in a totally different culture whilst exploring different cities at the weekend such as Beijing (the great wall of china), Shanghai, Xi'an (terracotta warriors) and Dandong!

“I decided to apply for the programme as it is an incredible experience that the University is willing to fund. I thought it would look great on my CV as well as giving me experience in the field that I am interested in pursuing a future career (renewable energy).


“I think it has increased my work ethic as they have an extremely strong sense of work ethic in China and in terms of adding to my employability potential, I have never had a more worthwhile summer.”

Cameron Laws

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