Islamic Finance MSc

School of Business

Learn the key concepts of Islamic finance, banking and political economy, alongside the study of conventional finance

Start date

January 2021


12 months

Study mode

Full Time


Dundee City Campus

We are offering this master's degree in collaboration with our colleagues at Al-Maktoum College, here in Dundee. At the University of Dundee, we have a strong history and expertise in teaching traditional finance and economics. This degree also draws upon the expertise in Islamic finance and wider Islamic studies on offer at Al-Maktoum. Few degrees of this kind exist in the UK. 

You will develop your understanding of the application of Islamic commercial law in relation to Islamic financial institutions and financial products, as well as the emergence and working mechanisms of Islamic capital markets. 

You will cover the operations of Islamic banks and Islamic financial markets, alongside the nature of risk and its management in Islamic financial institutions

You will challenge the contemporary issues and debates in Islamic finance and gain an understanding of the internationalisation strategies and strategic decisions in business.

You'll also have the opportunity to take part in a global internship as part of this course.

You can also contact the course director, Professor Bill Russell, via Skype to discuss the course.

Al-Maktoum College

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We offer this degree in conjunction with Al-Maktoum College, in Dundee
Eligible applicants will be awarded the Al-Maktoum Living Support Scholarship

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You can choose to study one of the following degrees, with the option being open to change your choice upon arrival at the University:

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