Languages for all: British Sign Language Module

School of Humanities

Learn how to communicate with other British Sign Language users and follow simple conversations, studying in evening classes for a full 26-week course

Start date

September 2021


26 weeks

Study mode

Part Time


Online / Dundee City Campus

British Sign Language (BSL) enables D/deaf people full access to a language that is their own, that they create and that reflects their experience of living in an intensely visual world. It gives rise to a full and rich culture like BSL poetry and even sign-song – singing in sign language using visual beauty in movement as an art form.

On this course you will easily learn how to hold or follow a general conversation, and understand and make requests in BSL. Through role-playing, tutorials, and practice conversations you will be introduced to the language function and grammar such as placement, use of verbs & phrases, non-manual features, sign order, handshapes, direction, orientation, signing space and fluency.

This course is part of the Languages for All programme at Dundee, offering everyone the opportunity to study a language, whether for personal or professional reasons.

Classes are taught in the evening and you can choose from a wide range of languages, many of which are available at different levels.

Benefits of studying with us include use of library facilities with language-specific support material, and the full range of online resources and software available to full time students.

You may be eligible for a Part-Time Free grant from SAAS depending on your circumstances.

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