Health and safety handbooks

Get access to health and safety handbooks for staff and students.

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Our health and safety handbooks are all held on Sharepoint and can be accessed by University of Dundee staff and students. 

Handbooks include:

  • COSHH Handbook - Working Safely with Substances Hazardous to Health 
  • Personal Protective Equipment Handbook v1.0
  • Safe Use of Microbiological Safety Cabinets Handbook
  • Staff Quick Health and Safety Guide
  • Staff Health and Safety Handbook
  • Staff Travel Handbook
  • Student Health and Safety Handbook
  • Student Travel Handbook
  • Working Safely with Genetically Modified Organisms in a Research Facility 
  • Working Safely with Micro-organisms Handbook
  • Working Safely with Human Blood, Tissues and other Specimens in Research Laboratories Handbook
  • Protection Against Ionising Radiations
  • Management of Solid Radioactive Waste‌
  • Safe Handling of Radioactive Materials
  • Fieldwork Handbook
  • Uranium and Thorium Safety Management