Islamic Finance and the Digital Economy MSc

School of Business

A Masters degree combining Islamic Finance and the Digital Economy explores Islamic financial principles within a modern digital context

Start date
September 2024
12 months (full time)
Dundee City Campus

Islamic Finance looks at the processes of managing money and doing business in a way that fits with the moral principles of Islam. This is also known as being Shari'ah-compliant. Islamic financial institutions operate in over 75 countries worldwide. They have become highly influential in the global financial landscape.

The digital economy describes economic activity that takes place online. This includes the use of technology, data, module devices and AI to create new business models. From online transactions such as digital payments, to streaming, remote work, and cybersecurity the digital economy is deeply integrated into the modern world.

One degree, two institutions. This course is delivered together with our partner institution Al-Maktoum College. This collaboration gives your degree the depth of our traditional knowledge, and the expertise of Al-Maktoum in Islamic banking and finance and wider Islamic studies.

In partnership with

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Our Islamic Finance courses are taught in partnership with Al-Maktoum College, Dundee

The course gives you a specialist understanding of the principles and practices of Islamic Finance, as well as traditional western finance, opening up global career opportunities.

Being a part of Dundee and Al-Maktoum also means you have access to twice the resources, twice the support, and twice the opportunities of a typical degree programme.

Throughout the duration of this course, you will:

  • develop your understanding of the application of Islamic commercial law. This will be in relation to Islamic financial institutions and financial products. You will also develop an understanding of the emergence and working mechanisms of Islamic capital markets.
  • cover the operations of Islamic banks and Islamic financial markets. You will also cover the nature of risk and its management in Islamic financial institutions
  • learn to challenge the contemporary issues and debates in Islamic finance. Through this, you will learn of the internationalisation strategies and strategic decisions in business.
  • discover how the digital economy has made the world smaller, but also exposed digital divides
  • learn how automation can replace manual tasks, and the risks involved in this
  • explore how personalisation via online technology can tailor experiences to a small audience while the business as a whole scales globally

An optional internship is available on this programme, which gives you the opportunity to gain real world work experience while you complete the programme.

The Internship takes place over 8-weeks in the summer, and is completed abroad, or can be done online from home.


If you are qualify for selected University of Dundee scholarships you may also be eligible for additional Al Maktoum funding. See our Scholarship pages for details.

Global internships

As part of this degree, you will have the opportunity to do an eight-week internship matched to your chosen industry in China, Vietnam, or Manchester (UK)

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