When you join the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) you will have access to dedicated careers support, both during and after your studies, through the Careers Service. This includes 1-1 advice on constructing your cv and preparing for interviews. Students also benefit from the guidance of our academics who have a wide range of international insights and connections from industry and professional experience. The Centre runs a weekly visiting speaker series where professionals from the industry, academia, government agencies, and international organizations are invited to speak on topical issues relating to the energy industry. We maintain strong connections with our alumni who have run careers focused Q&A sessions. You will also have an opportunity to participate in the industry mentorship programme and master classes delivered by experienced industry professionals.


Graduates of the programme traditionally find career opportunities in energy companies such as international oil companies and national oil companies, in the financial sector, in government agencies and in consulting firms. Today, as global energy and climate issues become a pervasive force in our daily lives, graduates have a broader range of additional opportunities within international organizations, non-governmental organizations, think-tanks and academia.

Whichever direction you take, you can see from the profiles below that the success enjoyed by our graduates is based not only on the energy finance knowledge they have acquired during their MSc studies, but the wider skills they have developed whilst at CEPMLP.


We support our students who wish to apply for internships – these can form part of your MSc programme in place of the project report or be undertaken after your studies. Our students have succeeded in securing internships in a variety of organisations, ranging from leading international organizations, major energy companies to boutique consulting firms, such as the International Energy Agency, the International Energy Forum; BP, Shell, Total; Wood Mackenzie, Deloitte, IHS Markit; and Immersa, SynTao Green Finance. For some, internships can lead directly to a fulltime paid job.

Pagoda Projects

MSc students can also apply for a global internship with our partners Pagoda Projects to develop employability skills and gain valuable international work experience. A Pagoda internship, can be undertaken in a variety of locations globally, or done remotely. Either way it lasts 6-8 weeks and takes the place of the project report. Students complete an internship report.

Dr Sanusi Ohaire
“The best thing about my course was the diverse and multidisciplinary nature of it, my degree from the University of Dundee has given me a vast network of friends/experts and authority/specialization in my field allowing me to work with an international development agency and now with my government. The University of Dundee has also given me lasting memory, the people are warm and receptive to other cultures.”

Dr. Sanusi Ohiare, MSc Energy Studies with Specialization in Energy Finance Graduate, Now Executive Director, Rural Electrification Fund

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