Date of entry

September 2024

This course does not confer a professional qualification. The course does not allow those who complete it to register or practice as a social worker in Scotland or the rest of the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in qualifying as a social worker in the United Kingdom, please see our 2-year postgraduate Social Work MSc or 4-year undergraduate Social Work BA (Hons).

The course is designed to support employability and further professional development because you will be able to

  • develop your analytical skills
  • extend your academic knowledge in a range of practice and policy areas
  • explore social service challenges in Scotland and overseas
  • explore perspectives on  areas of interest to you
  • enhance your employability and understanding of leadership skills
  • develop your research, analysis, reporting and presentation skills
  • investigate and report on an area of policy or practice which is of special interest to you
  • network and develop an understanding of the diversity of the social services workforce locally and internationally

The course, therefore, enhances skills and knowledge relevant for you if you wish to find employment in the UK or overseas in the wider social care sector. It may also suit you if you are already a qualified social worker who wishes to explore areas of special professional interest and develop skills that would support career progression or open out career horizons. The diversity of the social services workforce locally and across the world is indicated by the Global Social Services Workforce Alliance.

The Social Service Workforce | Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

The course could alternatively be a stepping stone to further research or a step in career development for students who have a professional qualification.

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