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I am currently employed at the Leverhulme Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee as Principal Investigator Education and Training in forensic science, prior to this I worked at the award winning Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification as a Senior Lecturer in charge of MSc courses.  I also ran the award-winning National UK DVI training. I taught undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervised their research projects as well as providing input into both senior police and SOCO training courses.  

I am a practising forensic anthropologist and have undertaken a wide range of casework in this capacity.  One of my areas of specialty is in the identification of age in the living for the purposes of assisting investigations in asylum seekers and refugees, and I have passed the proficiency test in age estimation as set by the Study Group on Forensic Age Diagnostics of the German Association of Forensic Medicine.  I have authored a chapter in a recent text on this subject, am co-editor on two texts on human identification, have peer reviewed publications and have authored a large number of book chapters.  I supervise PhD students in various projects including the analysis of heat exposed bone, age estimation from MR images and the comparison of epidermal and dermal fingerprints.

I hold an MSc in Biological and Forensic Anthropology and a PhD in Forensic Anthropology.  I am a consultant on the Virtual Anthropology Service run by the University of Dundee providing coverage for police forces throughout Scotland and N. Ireland on a daily basis.  

I have given expert evidence in both Scottish and English courts on a number of occasions in relation to both trauma analysis, identification and age estimation.  I have been recognised as a member of the Home Office, UK Disaster Victim Identification response capability.  I am a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and a Member of the Royal Society of Biology.  I am chair of the Forensic Anthropology committee for the Royal Anthropological Institute and I am professionally accredited at FA1 Level with the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI) and am a registered forensic expert on the forensic expert database of the National Crime Agency.

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I am available for media commentary on my research.

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Areas of expertise

  • Crime
  • Forensic investigation


Award Year
Commendation for Engaged Researcher of the Year 2020


Press release

Could you be tried for shooting a gun you’ve never touched? Does DNA always hold the answer? These are some of the questions to be answered at a new series of events allowing members of the public to learn about forensic science while relaxing in the pub.

Published on 15 March 2019