Dr Jihye Kim

Baxter Fellow (Teaching and Research)

University of Dundee School of Business, School of Business

Marketing & Management, School of Business

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Jihye Kim joined University of Dundee School of Business in September 2020 and she is a Baxter Fellow at the University of Dundee School of Business. She holds an MPhil in International Business and PhD in International Business from the University of Manchester, UK. Her PhD thesis investigated the drivers of successful collaborations between Business and Civil Society Organisations by applying PLS-SEM using SmartPLS 3 software. During her PhD, she undertook various assistant teaching roles within Alliance Manchester Business School such as leading seminars in Global Contexts in International Business and Case Studies in Management. She also undertook research assistant work analysing data from secondary sources such as patents, CVs and LinkedIn on the employee mobility of about 10,000 inventors across 30 countries.


Jihye Kim's research focuses mainly on corporate social responsibility, cross-sector partnership, and social value creation by MNEs. Her work has been published in Korean Journal of Strategic Management and Korean Business and Economics.

Summary of research expertise

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cross-sector partnership
  • Sustainable Development Goals
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