Managing Teams and Individuals in a Multicultural World module (BU42009)

You will learn how to develop and improve team performance in a multicultural world, organisations that communicate well are more likely to reach their goals.

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You will learn the best practices in team formation, working within a team, leading teams, and managing multiple teams in a multicultural world. The ability to manage teams that can communicate effectively, and overcome barriers to achievement, is a critical skill for any manager.

High-performing cohesive teams are created in an environment where there is a collective understanding of values, goals, and objectives. Strong teams require capable leadership, attention to process, innovative ideas, excellent communication, and an appreciation for different skills and work styles.

While much is known about what makes some teams more successful than others, few people are trained in how to effectively create, build, and manage teams. 

In terms of cultural issues in business management, when a business opportunity presents itself in another country, we need to be ready. Part of that preparation is knowing and understanding cultural differences.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • understand the different types of teams and team composition (task related vs relationship oriented)
  • learn about the multicultural teams and diversity
  • explore managerial leadership across cultures, leading diversity and teams
  • research the context of global teams, development of global teams, managerial leadership for global teams and challenges

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • discuss the topical issues and debates developing original and creative responses to issues and problems for managing teams and individuals
  • learn and practice specific skills to raise the performance, e.g. self-reflection, in teams/ organizations through coaching, goals and tools

Assignments / assessment

Essay (60%)

  • 2,000 words

Group report (30%)

  • 2,000 words

Participation in discussion board (10%)

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

The module will be taught through 2-hour interactive lectures.

Week Topics covered
1 The concepts of teams and groups
2 Team design and beginnings
3 Group dynamics: cooperation, competition, and power
4 Leadership
5 Diversity
6 Reading week
7 Culture
8 Creativity
9 Group dynamics: problem solving & conflict
10 Technology and virtual teams
11 Evaluating Teams


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