Electrodynamics II module (PH51007)

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This module builds on your fundamental understanding of Maxwell’s equations gained from PH31007 Electrodynamics I. It expands your knowledge on selected topics in electrostatics and magnetostatics, for example, multipole expansions and the concepts of energy and work.  

You will be introduced to methods for calculating forces due to electrodynamic fields. You will study electromagnetic waves and their propagation through lossless and lossy media. Potentials in electrodynamics are also discussed, and an understanding of the generation of electromagnetic waves is then developed. Additional topics, such as waveguides and special relativity, may also be covered. 

Topics include: 

  • Revision of electrostatics, solving Laplace’s equation, multipole expansion. Revision of magnetostatics, the vector potential, multipole expansion. Overview of electrodynamics. Energy and work. Boundary conditions. 

  • Conservation laws. Poynting’s theorem, conservation of momentum and angular momentum. 

  • Electromagnetic waves in a vacuum and in matter, behaviour at interfaces, absorption, and dispersion. 

  • Potentials and fields, gauge transformations, retarded potentials.  

  • Radiation. Generation of radiation, dipole radiation. 


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