Quantum Mechanics II - Atoms and Molecules module (PH32008)

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This module builds on the understanding you will gain in PH31005 Quantum Mechanics I. You will apply quantum mechanics to problems in three dimensions and tackle topics such as angular momentum, the hydrogen atom, and atomic and molecular structure.

You will learn about spin and the possible quantum states of more than one particle, for example, the properties of fermions and bosons. You will be introduced to approximation methods that enable quantum mechanics to solve real-world problems and will consolidate your grasp of the theoretical structure of quantum mechanics. The knowledge you will gain will provide insight into topics such as bonding in solids and the use of spectroscopy in astrophysics.

Topics include:

  • The quantum mechanics of angular momentum. The hydrogen atom.
  • The physics of spin. Bosons and fermions. Approximately methods in quantum mechanics. Atomic structure.
  • An introduction to molecular physics.


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