Software Applications for Mechanical Engineering Design module (ME21001)

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As a design, system, or test engineer working in industry, you will need to have broad experience in using modern industry-relevant engineering software. This module focuses on two elements, computer aided design and embedded systems using microcontrollers through IT labs and practical design classes.

Computer Aided Design: All products and manufacturing systems are designed first using CAD software, you will develop your design skills to create 3D models using SolidWorks and also ensure your ability to understand and develop engineering technical drawings for manufacture are developed using AutoCAD packages through a practical reverse engineering group project.

The Embedded Controllers portion will introduce the design of microcontroller systems with hardware and software through practical design classes using lab equipment, allowing you to gain the knowledge to develop simple embedded systems for their own designs.

Intended learning outcomes

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • identify and label key electronic components such as LEDs, switches and, motors that are used in simple embedded systems and show how these can be physically connected to a microcontroller
  • construct digital and analogue circuits and demonstrate the ability to connect these circuits with a microcontroller
  • construct and compile code, using a mid/high-level programming language such as ‘C’ through a microcontroller
  • design, analyse and generate 3-D parts models, which can be combined into an assembly model for analysis and simulation using SolidWorks
  • create technical engineering drawing packages so that CAD models can be manufactured using Autodesk

This module will provide you the opportunity to put lecture content into practice with physical electronics and develop virtual 3D models and understand the importance of time management whilst working in groups. These skills are essential as you start to define your own career within the exciting world of engineering.


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