Mathematical Biology I module (MA32009)

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This module introduces you to the mathematical modelling of biological systems. Mainly owing to advances in computing power, modern biological research can generate vast quantities of experimental data. Using mathematical modelling, we can understand complicated datasets and the fundamental principles underlying biological phenomena. Usually, the mathematical models under study are nonlinear.

You will explore how nonlinear difference and ordinary differential equations can be used to study dynamics in biological systems. You will derive models of biological systems and develop the mathematical techniques necessary to explore their solutions. You will learn how mathematics can be used to gain insight into various biological phenomena. The mathematical methods that you develop can be used to study nonlinear dynamics in other contexts (e.g. economics, finance, physics, sociology).

Topics include:

  • Nonlinear difference equations
  • Nonlinear differential equations
  • Fixed point analysis
  • Bifurcation analysis
  • Linear stability analysis
  • Phase plane analysis
  • Fisheries modelling
  • Ecological interactions
  • Enzyme kinetics


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