Mathematics for Engineers module (EG21005)

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The module continues the development of the basic mathematics most relevant to engineers and covers material required for accreditation of degree programmes in engineering and will assist you in handling material you will encounter in later years.

Topics covered are:

  • Sequences and series – this builds on material covered in Level 1. Finite difference equations are introduced, along with the summation of more complex series.
  • Probability and Statistics – statistics is important in all aspects of life, and of engineering. This gives an understanding probability, and the use of statistics, in particular confidence intervals, and statistical hypothesis testing.
  • Functions – Various aspects of functions, such as hyperbolic functions, asymptotes, implicit differentiation. Perhaps the most important aspect covered are Taylor’s theorem and L’Hopital’s rule. The definition of finite differences and their use in differential equations is introduced.
  • Integration -this builds on material covered in Level 1, and extends it to more difficult cases.
  • Vectors –  this covers the definition of vectors, the scalar and cross-product of vectors, and their application.
  • Complex numbers – the basics of complex numbers are covered.
  • Ordinary differential equations – Differential equations are important in many aspects of engineering. The solution of linear differential equations, first and second order, is covered, along with


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