Science and Engineering Mathematics 1A module (EG11003)

Gain confidence with existing mathematical skills and a deeper understanding of mathematics to build a strong foundation for further mathematics modules.

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Mathematics is essential to the work of an engineer. This module will help you gain confidence with your existing mathematical skills and a deeper understanding of mathematics. You will learn to utilize your existing skills in new ways that are relevant to the field of engineering.

This module focuses on fundamental aspects of mathematics, allowing you to build a strong foundation for further engineering mathematics modules.

What you will learn

In this module you will:

  • consolidate your current mathematical knowledge
  • re-examine your understanding of key maths topics
  • develop confidence with fundamental tools in mathematics
  • mathematically prepare for future modules in engineering and mathematics

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • confidently rearrange algebra
  • identify and interpret properties of functions
  • solve equations and inequalities
  • solve problems in trigonometry
  • use directed line segments to solve geometrical problems
  • use vectors to find distances between any two points
  • differentiate using the power rule and the chain rule to find rates of change
  • sketch graphs of functions using differentiation
  • integrate functions to find the areas of non-standard shapes

Assignments / assessment

  • Weekly Quizzes (50%)
  • 2 Class Tests (50%)

Teaching methods / timetable

  • Video lectures
    • explanation of each week's topic which you can view in your own time
    • complemented with detailed lecture notes
  • Weekly tutorials
    • interactive problem solving class
    • to test your understanding of the video content
  • Seminars
    • discusses detailed solutions to key questions on each week's question worksheet
Week Topic
1 Fundamental Algebra
2 Functions
3 Equations & Inequalities
4 Trigonometry
5 Trigonometry & Vectors
6 Vectors
7 Differentiation
8 Differentiation & Curve Sketching
9 Antiderivatives & Definite Integrals
10 Indefinite Integrals & Further Integration


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