Security Analysis and Equity Valuation module (BU52042)

Develop skills that are essential for scrutinising market structures, equity securities, and valuation techniques for effective investment decision-making.

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The Security Analysis and Equity Valuation module equips you with the essential knowledge and tools to evaluate equity securities and markets. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of market structure, equity securities, and their roles in investment management. The module focuses on honing your analytical skills and introducing various valuation techniques analysts use.

A unique feature of this module is the hands-on experience it provides using Bloomberg terminals in preparing a security analyst report. Using Bloomberg terminals to gather financial data, analyse company performance, and make informed investment recommendations, you will practically apply your knowledge. This hands-on experience will enhance your employability and provide valuable insights into the realities of the financial industry.

What you will learn

In module you will:

  • understand the structure and functioning of security markets, including the role of market indices in tracking performance
  • develop analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate industry sectors and individual companies through industry and company analysis
  • learn different equity valuation techniques used by analysts, such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and macroeconomic analysis
  • apply valuation models and tools to estimate the intrinsic value of equity securities
  • gain proficiency in evaluating conflicting views and analysis in financial decision-making
  • improve communication skills to effectively present investment insights
  • develop transferable skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and data interpretation relevant to the financial industry

By the end of the module you will:

  • have the knowledge and skills to evaluate equity securities, analyse markets, estimate equity values
  • be able to prepare investment analyses report that are valuable in various areas of the financial industry
  • have the knowledge of practical application of valuation techniques
  • have used Bloomberg terminals to enhance your practical experience and employability

Assignments / assessment

The assessment methods evaluate your understanding of the concepts and your ability to apply them in practical scenarios. The assessments aim to assess your knowledge, critical thinking skills, and security analysis and equity valuation proficiency.

Class Test (70%):

  • This test will assess your comprehension of the theoretical concepts discussed in the module.

Group Coursework for Security Analyst Report (30%):

  • The coursework component involves the preparation of a security analyst report.

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

The module follows a blended learning approach, combining traditional on-campus teaching activities with digital learning. This gives you control over your learning by allowing flexibility in when, where, and how you learn.

As an active learner, you will engage with the module in various ways, including (but not limited to):

  • interactive hybrid teaching sessions
  • practical classes
  • assigned readings
  • watching videos
  • reflective tasks
  • collaborative group work
  • contribution to discussion boards



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