International Business Project module (BU52020)

Choose either a Pagoda internship, a consultancy project, or a literature-based search, writing a report to show your understanding of a real business problem.

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You will use your knowledge and understanding of research and analytical skills, to study a topic relevant to your chosen programme of study e.g., international business, management, marketing, HR, economics, finance, accounting, Islamic finance.

What you will learn

In this module, you will choose one of the following three options.

The Pagoda internship report - combines an eight-week internship where you can work in a company and hopefully get the chance to apply some of the theories you have learned in the classroom in a real-life situation. You will write a report where you must link your experiences to the existing literature and theories.

The consultancy report - this allows you to work with a real-life problem. We bring you a brief either written or in a recording to from a company with a particular issue that they would like you to work on. Although you will not work in the company like the internship, it still allows you the opportunity to work on a real problem and your report will be shared with the company at the end.

The literature-based report - is similar to desk-based research. This means that you are reviewing and analysing previously published information on the topic you have chosen to write on. You will be supplied with some topic suggestions or you can write on a topic that interests you.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • show acquired knowledge and understanding of the main issues and proposed solutions in a chosen relevant topic area
  • demonstrate understanding of the key relevant theoretical frameworks in the chosen topic area
  • write a report that integrates theory and practice to produce critical and reflective conclusions and recommendations where appropriate.

Assignments / assessment

Report (100%)

  • 4,000-6,000 words in length
  • Using secondary data that is available to the public only, like corporate reports, datasets, the findings of other researchers, or data the consultancy providers may share with you

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

The Summer Project is a self-study module and so there is no supervision provided by a member of staff, you need to work on your own over June and July.

A series of recorded workshops and lectures are provided:

  • critical writing
  • literature reviews
  • literature scanning for secondary research
  • academic integrity

The English for International Students Team will also provide a series of support sessions and well as drop in Q&A sessions held by the academic team.

A detailed timetable of the above-mentioned sessions will be provided in advance.


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