Start date
September 2024
24 months (full time)
Dundee City Campus

The Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship MSc is a postgraduate degree that seamlessly integrates the study of industrial engineering with the principles of entrepreneurship. 

Industrial engineering is a discipline dedicated to optimising processes and systems, while entrepreneurship encompasses the dynamic process of establishing new businesses. 

Enrolling in the Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship course at the University of Dundee offers a multitude of compelling reasons: 

  • Holistic Learning: Acquire a comprehensive skill set encompassing industry-focused engineering proficiency and practical entrepreneurship application. 

  • Practical Exposure: Throughout the course you will be immersed in practical and relevant experiences. This includes a 12-week industrial engineering placement, offering a prime opportunity to cultivate valuable industry connections. 

  • Guidance and Support: Our esteemed academic staff will provide unwavering guidance and support during your placement, ensuring a robust learning experience. 

  • Network Expansion: Our research and instructional collaborations extend to CERN, a prominent player in particle physics through its large hadron collider. This collaboration opens doors to industrial placements, PhD opportunities, and graduate positions. 

During your journey within this course, you will delve into a range of captivating concepts: 

  • Advanced Robotics: Dive deep into the complexities of multi-modal sensor integration and the dynamic interaction between humans and robots. Investigate contemporary and intelligent manufacturing technologies. 

  • Entrepreneurship: Develop a profound understanding of entrepreneurship within a global context. Master the key facets of business start-ups, encompassing initiation, people management, and innovative project development. 

Industry Placement

As part of your academic journey, you will embark on an industry project lasting a minimum of 12 weeks. This endeavour will provide you with hands-on, pertinent experience and enable you to establish valuable connections within the industry. 

Throughout your placement, you will benefit from the dedicated support and mentorship of our esteemed academic faculty. 

Embark on an enriching educational venture that harmoniously merges industrial engineering excellence with entrepreneurial acumen and unlock a world of possibilities at the University of Dundee. 

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