Project Management module (BU31009)

Learn the skills required to communicate, collaborate, plan, organise, and oversee tasks to achieve project goals.

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Project management and project professionals empower the team to focus and, when necessary, refocus on their targets.

It guarantees an appropriate plan for executing strategic goals using Agile Project Management (APM).

You will gain an understanding of the scope and variety of project types, understand key variables in project management and learn methods, techniques and approaches that are important in successfully managing projects to meet objectives in a wide range of contexts.

What you will learn

Knowledge and understanding:

  • critical understanding of the multiple constraints to be considered and controlled in project management
  • critical appraisal of the management of the project process from initial design to implementation and completion
  • assess sustainability and sustainable development goals in the projects

Subject-specific practical and intellectual skills and attributes:

  • ability to address the technical and the leadership/team/organisational control requirements of managing complex projects
  • critically analyse the range of tools used in managing complex projects

Transferable, employability and enterprise skills and attributes:

  • articulate communication, collaboration and creativity skills in team working
  • ability to develop and present a convincing, knowledge-based argument from various sources in oral and written forms

Assignments / assessment

  • Group assignment (30%)
  • Individual project management assignment (70%)

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

The approach to the module delivery will be on your self-acquired learning. The material delivered and the face-to-face sessions will focus on helping you to learn by doing, both as an individual and as part of a team.

Week Topic
1 Introduction to project management
2 The organisational context for project management
3 Leadership in project management
4 Project scope management
5 Leading & managing project teams
6 Reading week
7 Understanding risk in project management
8 Project scheduling
9 Project termination
10 Project overview evaluation and control
11 Overview revision and discussion


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