Introductory Management Accounting module (BU12001)

Learn the skills used for internal business decision-making.

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Accountants play a vital role in preparing, utilising, and effectively communicating information that enables both themselves and others to make informed and strategic business decisions that are critical to the organisation's success.

Some of that information will be used for internal business decision-making.

As such, accountants must understand how basic accounting information is compiled.

This module will then focus on how that material is managed.

What you will learn

The module will introduce you to:

  • the costing terminology used
  • how costs are assigned to products
  • material and labour costing, overhead and service costing
  • marginal and absorption costing
  • budgeting
  • decision-making techniques

By the end of the module, you will:

  • understand the key terminology used in management accounting
  • evaluate arguments on the role of management accounting information within organisations
  • apply management accounting techniques to practical scenarios

Assignments / assessment

  • A closed book multiple choice test (20%)
    • Due in Week 11
  • A closed book 2-hour examination
    • Due in the exam diet

Teaching methods / timetable

Teaching will consist of a mixture of

  • lectures
  • tutorials and practical workshop sessions

Online videos may be used to supplement the material for some of the sessions.

Week Topics covered
1 Introduction to Management Accounting/ Cost Behaviour
2 Cost Behaviour
3 Costs: Material & Labour /Traditional Cost Allocation
4 Traditional Cost Allocation
5 Absorption costing and marginal costing
6 Reading Week
7 Budgeting
8 Budgeting
9 Standard costs
10 Short-term decision making
11 Revision Class & Class Test 


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