Shannon Derthick

Medical Art MSc

Comprehensive multimedia resource supplementing traditional curricula in auscultation.


The human body is a complex organism that produces a variety of sounds. Many of these body sounds offer valuable diagnostic insights. By listening and interpreting the sounds, healthcare professionals gather important insight for diagnosing conditions, monitoring treatment, and providing appropriate patient care. However, despite how important it is in healthcare education, there is a need for an accessible, comprehensive visual resource to support students who are mastering this skill.

The primary objective of this student resource is to provide an accessible and comprehensive platform that supplements the traditional curriculum. This resource should give students the opportunity to reinforce their understanding and application of auscultation concepts away from the classroom. The resource encompasses topics including heart and lung sounds in addition to bowel sounds and bruits.

Mitral Stenosis

Image of the heart showing mitral stenosis- a disorder of the mitral valve.


An image of the lungs showing what causes wheezing in the bronchioles.

Show interactive exhibit

Women with lights indicating internal organs