Emily Gullberg

Medical Art MSc

A preliminary study comparing the effectiveness of gamified health information versus traditional text and medical illustrations.


This project involves the creation of an open source gamified health resource and text and medical illustration resource. The goal of this project was to develop these resources and conduct a preliminary study using a randomized control trial comparing their effectiveness in order to validate the resources for use in future research studies. A common plight among current gamification research is that a resource is created for a lone study, making it difficult to conduct future experiments wherein game elements may be manipulated. It is the hope of the researcher that the creation of these open source resources will create a pathway for more rigorous studies of health information gamification.

Snippet of Traditional Art Resource

A snippet of the second page of the traditional art resource created for this study. It shows an illustration of a gastric pit with G cells highlighted and an illustration of gastrinomas in the pancreas and duodenum. The text describes part of the disease process in question in the study.

Still image of gamified health resource

This image is a still frame of the gamified health resource gameplay. Depicted in this image is the surgeon character looking for clues around a stomach-themed level about what hormone is out of control.

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