Ways to communicate

We can help you spread your message, whether that is by email, newsletter, social media, or the TV screens around campus

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When putting together any form of internal communication, think about:

  • what you are trying to communicate
  • who are trying to communicate with
  • how you want them to respond
  • where they are
Communications plan template

Use our template to help with planning your communication


If you are taking bookings for an event, (free or paid), the recommended tool is Eventbrite, using a University of Dundee account.

Email the Web Team for access to an Eventbrite account. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Social media

The University's internal social media is OneDundee - the one place to find out what's going on at the University of Dundee.

You can view them on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact us (below) if you want to post information on these, or if you want us to share information from your social media accounts.

What's on

If you are running a University event, and you would like to see it on the main University events listing, please send the information via our online form. We will then check it and add it to the web pages.

Display screens

Most of the TV screens around our campuses are now on the same system, and each shows content tailored to that screen. Some show only local content, some show a centralised playlist, and many show a combination of both.

If you wish to display something on the screens, you can check its suitability with the us Or create / provide slides 1920x1080px landscape, or video (no sound, and with captions/subtitles) to the Internal Comms team. You'll need to tell us which screen(s) you want it to appear on, and we'll check it matches the plan for those location(s).

A template with instructions for creating slides can be downloaded from the Brand webpages.

Staff/student email newsletter

Items for consideration for the staff/student Wednesday fortnightly newsletters should be 30-50 words in length, maximum, with a weblink or contact information. Please email the content to us. For more information about the newsletter please visit the newsletter webpage.

Ad hoc email to large groups of staff and students

If you wish to send an email message to large groups of staff/students, or all staff/students, contact us.

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