Student Contributions

The Marketing team are always looking for students, past and present, to get involved and share their experiences.

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There are a few different ways you can get involved in marketing and share your experiences:

  • Take part in an informal chat with a marketing officer which we'll then transcribe creating written testimonial content for marketing use
  • Submit your own photographs to show snapshots of your experience with us e.g. photo of your first day, your favourite moment, studying in the library
  • Collaborate with us on video content. Sometimes this will be as part of a group, sometimes an individual interview but we will discuss this with you first
  • Share a link to your own blog or social media content, we will then share relevant content through university channels
  • Share a link to your own YouTube channel, we will then share relevant content through university channels 
  • Tell us about your favourite spot in the university, where is it and why do you love it so much?
  • Tell us about your favourite place in Dundee, where is it, why do you love it so much?
  • Submitting examples of your course work. This one might be most applicable to our art and design students but we know there are plenty others who have done some incredible stuff we want to share
  • Tell us about your proudest moment as a UoD student - this could be anything from making a difference to a service user on placement to winning an award
  • Tell us your story - this could include things like - why you chose Dundee, your time here, what you hope to achieve (personally and professionally), what you hope to do next , something that makes your journey unique such as barriers you had to overcome (the best part is it's your story and completely unique to you)
  • Create and share a blog or video about your typical day as a student - we can help you with a plan, but you'll be in charge of filming
  • Take part in a photo shoot -this could be to promote your course, the university and even Dundee and will be used on marketing material
  • Shadowing - Observe how the marketing team work to understand what is involved in the role for work experience
  • Research - Take part in research activity to help us understand how we can improve the marketing we do. This could be completing a survey or in some cases taking part in a focus group with other students to have a wider discussion.

If there is another way you would like to get involved in the marketing team please tell us, we're always open to new ideas!

Do you want to help? Get in touch at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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