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Portrait photo of Constance Alabert
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Dr Constance Alabert

DNA replication in the context of chromatin – Implications for human diseases

Principal Investigator/Senior Lecturer

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Professor Dario Alessi

Professor Alessi is a biochemical engineer whose research focuses on opening up our understanding of human health and disease. Much of his current work focuses on understanding a gene involved in Parkinson’s called LRRK2 and aims to exploit findings on this to develop improved ways to better diagnose and treat the disease.

Science Director (MRC), Professor of Signal Transduction

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Photo of Annie Anderson
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Professor Annie Anderson

Emerita Professor Anderson’s research expertise lies in nutrition, lifestyles and cancer prevention, behaviour change (at individual and population levels), intervention studies to change dietary intake and obesity reduction.

Emerita Professor of Public Health Nutrition

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Portrait photo of Tim Armstrong
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Timothy Armstrong

Tim’s research centres on foster care and adoption, specifically the factors that contribute to placement breakdown and the social processes, interactions and relationships within foster families that contribute to successful foster care outcomes. Tim has extensive experience as a senior manager across children’s services and adult care.

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

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