Library study spaces

Study spaces available across our four library sites.

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Library Services has four library sites that you can choose to work from. For details on how to access these sites see Our libraries.

You will find a range of different study spaces available in our libraries, including desks with and without PCs, group study areas and bookable rooms. We know students like different types of study environments, so we also request certain noise levels are followed in different parts of our libraries.   

Study zones

A guide to the zoning of study spaces. 

Silent zone 

For individual, silent study. Conversation, use of mobile phones and other noise disturbance should be kept to an absolute minimum at all times in these areas. 

Quiet study 

For both individual and group work. Please keep conversations, mobile phone calls and other interactions at a low volume to avoid disturbing others. 

Group study 

For both individual and collaborative working. Although some noise is inevitable in these areas, please be considerate to others and keep conversations and group work at a moderate level to reduce the impact on those working in adjacent study spaces. 

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