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The Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science offers opportunities for Research Masters and PhD projects. Our multidisciplinary centre offers an exciting and supportive environment in which to complete a research qualification. To find out more about our current students and their research work please visit our People pages.  

Our funded opportunities, when available, are advertised in our Stories page and on FindAPhD.  

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If you would like to speak to us about research qualifications, please get in touch with us at LRC@Dundee.ac.uk

Completed PhD project theses

An investigation into potential solutions for some current issues in forensic DNA profiling 

Author: Kuffel, A., 2021 

Supervisor: Gray, A.  

Age estimation in living individuals using MRI images of the knee from a Scottish population: development of a new method for age assessment based on the distal end of the femur and development of a protocol of study based on analysis of the MRI images 

Author: Zuppello, M., 2021 

Supervisors: Hackman, S.  & Black, S.  

Comparison of Epidermal and Dermal Fingerprints Collected from Thiel-embalmed Bodies 

Author: Dzetkulicová, V., 2021 

Supervisors: Hackman, L.  & Langstaff, H.  

Thermal Disruption of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Bone 

Author: Houston, A. M., 2021 

Supervisors: Hackman, S.  & Cunningham, C.  

A Study of Human Body Movement in Inland Waterways 

Author: Dennison-Wilkins, L., 2021 

Supervisors: Hackman, L.  & Hayatdavoodi, M. 

Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists in Prisons: Detection and Drug Market Evolution 

Author: Norman, C., 2021 

Supervisor: McKenzie, C.  & Nic Daeid, N. 

The manual analysis of human biometric identifiers in non-pathological retinal fundus images: An evaluation of presented methodologies and a survey of identifiers within open source databases 

Author: Dan, L., 2020 

Supervisors: Hackman, L. & Langstaff, H.  

Student thesis: Master's Thesis › Master of Science 

Fingermark Enhancement on Metallic Surfaces 

Author: Daly, L., 2020 

Supervisors: Nic Daeid, N., Downham, R.  & Laing, K.  

The investigation of pyrolysis products of South African street drug, nyaope 

Author: Phokedi, G. N., 2018 

Supervisors: Nic Daeid, N. & Black, S.  

A Mixed Method Investigation of the Factors that Influence Juror Interpretation of Forensic Science Testimony Presented for the Prosecution in Nine Homicide Trials in the United States 

Author: McCarthy Wilcox, A. B., 2017 

Supervisor: Nic Daeid, N.  

Standardisation of Serious and Fatal Fire Learning Reviews in Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service 

Author: Smith, J. H., 2016 

Supervisor: Nic Daeid, N.