IT training

Whether you'd like to learn a specific program, or just improve your IT skills, we have a range of self-directed training resources available

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All staff are required to complete the University’s mandatory Information Security Awareness Training (ISAT) module in My Dundee under Organisations.

Self-directed online training resources

LinkedIn Learning

Over 14,000 video tutorials, normally £24.98/mo, free with your University account

Microsoft Student Resources

Free templates, training and more

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

The learning site provides guidance and resources for MS365 tools available within the University of Dundee

Microsoft 365 Training

Get going quickly and easily with Microsoft 365 video training

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Free online training by world-class experts to help you build your technical skills and advance your career. Use your email to confirm eligibility.

Microsoft Digital Skills

To ensure everyone in the UK can upskill and reskill, Microsoft is committed to offering digital skills courses from basic digital literacy through to advanced cloud technology skills