Yufei Gong

The Convergence of Visual Storytelling Conventions in Western and Eastern Comics, Film, Animation and Concept Design.

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This research project is concerned with the ways in which creators in the fields of comics, film, animation, and conceptual illustration design translate their ideas into visual language. It examines the development of these visual art genres in Western and Eastern cultures, with a focus on transnational influence. The aim is to consider the conventions that have emerged and how these are reworked by creatives in and across these fields and in dialogue with one another. The argument is that these trans-medial and transnational relationships influence one another and lead to innovation and a blending of cultures, traditions, and styles. There are two modes of investigation that are intrinsically linked – a critical and historical investigation of and a practice led exploration of the meeting of Western and Eastern cultures and styles. This work will extend the critical and creative understanding of cross-media collaboration and transnational storytelling. 

 Names of Supervisors: Christopher Murray