Cat Dunn

Spaces of Diaspora; Identity Otherness and Belonging in contemporary art of black women artists working in Britain

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This research project investigates the decolonial practices of black women artists using their geographical heritage of aesthetic, intrinsic value, unique insight and cultural heritage to create contemporary art within Britain. 

The research examines the representation of black women's strategies of radical resistance in Britain’s contemporary art 

Via a curatorial practice-led approach, the research is informed through curating exhibitions of several black women's artists, from Sonia Boycd to Ashanti Harris, as they represent a ‘genealogical’ study of resistance through black British women's art movement of the 1980s to the current civil unrest visualised through the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Names of Supervisors: 

  • Professor Graham Fagen 
  • Dr Helen Gorrill  
  • Dr Judit Bodor