Dan Drage

Sacred Space, Place, Time: Extra-material realities in and through the material

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What meaning might be revealed by the time-worn, daily human imprint on matter in particular places?  How do elements of the material world become identified as sacred?  How do particular spaces open up human awareness of the sacred?

This project will explore human interaction with the material world, broadly, with particular interest in the more-than qualities of matter which elicit recognition of the sacred in Space, Place and Time.  This focus of what makes such places, spaces or times ‘sacred’ will be complicated by an abiding sense that the marks or patterns on the natural and built environments, worn down and shaped by rhythms of daily human activities, might likewise be read as meaningful.  Together these questions will create the context within which to explore material through sculpture and other means.

Names of Supervisors: Mary Modeen, Trevor Hart (University of St Andrews)

Normal Location of PhD Candidate: St Andrews