Désirée Coral Guerra

Colour as Material: Understanding the Colonial Histories, Environmental Entanglements and the Human Relationships Interconnected within its Materiality.

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This research focuses on colour as material and proposes it as an epistemological lens to observe and expose the complications within its history. An important analysis needs to be made from a historical perspective of the colonial origins and the hierarchical geopolitics embodied and embedded within the materiality of colours (pigments and dyes).  

This exploration seeks to unveil the colonial implications and the environmental responsibilities of colour as a material. It also seeks to question the relationship between humans and the natural world, the living and non-living beings that are materially engaged in the production of colour by proposing an exploration through the ontology of materials and the process of making.  

Though the process of making as thinking, this research aims to negotiate different understandings of the importance of generating contextual material knowledge, while calling attention to the connections and entanglements within colour materials, and the narratives they embody and represent. 

The aim of this PhD research is to generate a conscious material understanding, investigated from an interdisciplinary perspective, and to propose colour as a series of case studies. These case studies will bring a diversity of lenses to explore a variety of materials within mineral and botanical experimental methodologies. 


First Supervisor: Pernille Spence

Second Supervisor: Edward Summerton