Remuneration Committee

Updated on 26 November 2020

Information about the remit and membership of the Remuneration Committee which is a committee of University Court.

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The role of the Remuneration Committee is to recommend to the University Court the remuneration strategy and policy framework for the staff at grade 10, including the Principal and the University Executive Group (UEG).  In so doing, the Committee’s aim is to be an exemplar of good governance and best practice in relation to remuneration and reward matters for senior staff.

The Committee will consider and make recommendations to Court on the salary, emoluments and terms and conditions of service for the members of the UEG, including the Principal.

The Committee will delegate authority to the UEG the application of the Remuneration Policy and procedure for all other staff at grade 10, but will receive and consider appropriate reports and monitoring data from the UEG in relation to its decisions in discharging this delegated authority.

Updated November 2020

Remuneration Committee Membership 2022/23

(as of 1 August 2022)


Officers normally in attendance

  • Jane Marshall (as Convener of People & Organisational Development Committee)
  • Principal (by invitation of the Convener as required)
  • University Secretary (by invitation of the Convener as required)
  • Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development (by invitation of the Convener as required)




Dr Christine Milburn

01382 386459
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