New programme initiation template

Updated on 13 December 2023

This form should be submitted by Schools wanting to propose new programmes.

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The programme initiation form will be used by the Programme Approvals Group (PAG) to make early decisions on the approval of programme proposals, including those within proposed or existing partnerships, at the initiation stage. At this stage PAG is interested in the idea, the market analysis and an overview of the business plan only. 

Approval of programmes by PAG will provide consent for the development of a full proposal and associated programme documentation (as outlined by the Programme Development Policy and Guidance) as part of the next steps. 

It is therefore essential that Schools submit this template prior to any curriculum development being initiated. 

When completed please submit this document to PAG via email: PAG@dundee.ac.uk

It should be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the PAG meeting it will be considered at. The dates of PAG meetings can be found in the academic calendar.



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