Policy and guidance on the approval of new taught provision

Updated on 19 November 2021

This policy and guidance applies to all proposals for new taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and/or modules

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This policy and guidance on the approval of new taught provision has been developed to ensure that proposals for new taught provision: 

  • are integrated with planning and strategies at University and School levels

  • have shown there is suitable market demand
  • have given appropriate consideration to the prospects for graduates
  • have given appropriate consideration to accessibility, equality and diversity
  • satisfy expectations about quality and academic standards which are aligned with the UK Quality Code and University polices
  • benefit from appropriate consultation across the University and externally
  • provide the basis for a source of clear and accurate information to stakeholders including prospective and current students, employers, the Registry, External Relations and the University Schools

The term ‘Programme Development’ is used throughout this document to encapsulate all activity that may take place in the ongoing development of our portfolio. This includes:

  •  the approval of new taught and research programmes and modules
  • the amendment and enhancement of existing programmes and modules
  • the withdrawal of programmes and modules,
  • the approval, amendment and withdrawal of non-credit-bearing learning.

Resources including briefings, guides, templates and advice are available to support colleagues to apply this policy and guidance appropriately.



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