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You can purchase publications relating to our gallery exhibitions, and we also produce our own gallery periodical, &labels.
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Three overlapping copies of Cooper Gallery's &labels magazine

Cooper Gallery’s periodical with contributions by artists, critics, theorists to regular features: Under Consideration, Notes from the Studio and What I’m Reading Now…

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Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event?

Book cover with the title "Of Other Spaces where does Gesture become Event?" in with pink text and blue background

An annotation and reflection on the two-chapter eponymous exhibition and event project that took place at Cooper Gallery.

Sophia Y. Hao (Ed.). Published by Sternberg Press, 2019. £18.

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Georgina Starr, Four of Bubbles

bag showing image of naked people with black balloons

Artist’s edition screen printed canvas bag. Produced by Cooper Gallery in 2016 following the exhibition Before Le Cerveau Affame in 2013.

Signed by the artist. £10.

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Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Remoteness

yellow books with text 'Hubs and Fictions' on it

This publication, developed from the touring forum Hubs and Fictions, invited international curators, writers, and producers to probe how fiction plays out in a globally distributed art-world ecology, and how infrastructures are invented against its background.

Sophia Y. Hao and Edgar Schmitz (Eds.). Published by Sternberg Press, 2016. £18.

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A Cut A Scratch A Score

White poster with text a cut a stitch a score in red

Reflections and annotations on the performance and exhibition project A Cut A Scratch A Score: A Comic Opera in Three Parts by Bruce McLean and collaborators David Barnett and Sam Belinfante, 2012.

Sophia Yadong Hao & Ajay Hothi (Eds.). Published by Arts Editions North an imprint of the University of Sunderland, 2015. £18

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Invisible Residency Dundee, Mel Gooding and Bruce McLean

yellow book cover with words 'invisible residency'

Text and image exchanges gathered from the artists’ remote residency which coincided with the exhibition Knife Edge Press: The Complete Works (so far), 2013.

Signed artists’ book, monoprinted cover. Published by Cooper Gallery, DJCAD in collaboration with Knife Edge Press, 2017. £20.

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Image credits

  • Background image: Of Other Spaces, 2019. Publication. Courtesy the gallery.
  • Info box: &Labels Issue 6 printing at Winter & Simpson. Courtesy the gallery.