Club for Former Members of Staff

The Club for Former Members of Staff exists to keep former employees connected to the University of Dundee with a series of events and activities throughout the year.

On this page

The Club for Former Members of Staff provides a forum where former members of staff can meet and engage with each other and the University of Dundee. 

The Club meets four times a year: three times to listen to a presentation of general interest and once to enjoy an outside visit, most recently to the vertical farm at the James Hutton Institute. 

The Club tends to meet at 15:00 on a Wednesday afternoon preceded by tea/coffee and occasionally a glass of wine. It is open to clerical, technical and academic staff from all Schools and Directorates who were employed by the University for at least 12 months and left on good terms. 

An annual subscription of £15 applies to cover the cost of events.

How to join

To join the Former Staff Club and for any further information contact: