University Executive Office

The University Executive Office is a key directorate providing support for the development and delivery of the University’s strategic plans, objectives and priorities

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The University Executive Office provides the executive support and coordination for high quality strategic programme and project management initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning provides support for the development and delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan to 2022 and access to a range of related information and documents. This activity underpins the University’s financial planning process, the provision of strategic data analysis and management information to decision makers and responsibility for the statistical and regulatory returns.

NHS Liaison

The NHS is a key partner of the University in the delivery of health related education and research programmes. The Academic Health Science Partnership (AHSP) was established in 2014 between the University and NHS Tayside to bring together the delivery of healthcare services, education, quality improvement and research with the purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of patients.


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