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September 2024

Mechanical engineering offers a wide range of career prospects due to its applications across many industries.

As a graduate mechanical engineer, specialising in renewables, there will be several career paths open to you in this growing sector. Some of the job roles available to you include:

Renewable energy design engineer

These engineers design and develop renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower systems. They collaborate with other engineers to develop, test, and install renewable energy systems.

Energy efficiency engineer

Energy efficiency engineers design energy-efficient mechanical systems like heating and cooling systems, ventilation, and lighting systems. They identify energy-saving opportunities within a building's mechanical systems and develop strategies to improve energy efficiency.

Renewable energy project manager

These professionals manage renewable energy projects from the design stage through construction and operation of the systems. They are responsible for directing project teams, managing budgets, and ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.

Sustainability consultant

Sustainability consultants advise businesses and organizations on how to reduce energy consumption through efficient practices, renewable energy implementation, and sustainable design practices.

Research and development engineer

Research and Development (R&D) engineers create renewable energy solutions by conducting research, testing, and refining renewable energy technologies. They collaborate with other engineers, scientists, and researchers to improve renewable energy technologies.

Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers assess and design environmental solutions for renewable energy systems. They ensure that renewable energy systems are environmentally sustainable and non-hazardous.

Demand for graduates is immense with many of the multinational energy companies, including Siemens Gamesa Renewable energy, General Electric Renewable Energy, BP Alternate Energy, Scottish Power Renewables. You will also be able to work confidently in any career in which a sound ability in mathematics, computing, IT or administrative organisation is required. Examples of some of our graduates and industries include:

  • Tidal Engineer at Flotation Energy Plc
  • Solar Energy Systems Designer at STELLA Futura
  • Project Manager Engineer at Siemens Gamesa
  • Wind & Marine Engineer at Coastal Renewable Service Ltd (Dundee)

As the demand for mechanical engineers with renewables specialisation continues to grow, and due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field, you will have the potential to collaborate with companies in electric, hybrid vehicles, energy storage and the grid and research and development. As a mechanical engineers with renewables, you can expect to earn competitive salaries, valuable experiences, and professional growth opportunities, although there is the opportunity for you to go on to further study at MSc and PhD level.

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