Date of entry

September 2024

The demand for people with mathematical qualifications is considerable, and a degree that includes mathematics is a highly marketable asset.

You will have a broad knowledge base in theoretical and applied science, and be able to solve both abstract and concrete problems.

You will be able to choose from an ever-widening range of careers in science, research, industry, engineering, commerce, finance and education.

Jonas Igel
“After graduating from the University of Dundee I moved to Zurich, Switzerland to do a Master’s in Geophysics at ETH Zurich. I finished the Master’s degree in 2019 and continued working on the topic of my master thesis as a PhD student. On a daily basis, I spent most of my time analysing seismic data using Python and running large-scale inversions on Piz Daint, a supercomputer at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.”

Jonas Igel, BSc Mathematics and Physics graduate 2017, from Germany

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