Date of entry

September 2021

We have close links to the planning profession and our graduates readily find work in Scotland, the UK, and abroad.

They perform a variety of tasks such as:

  • preparing national and regional development strategies
  • regenerating declining urban areas
  • shaping new and sustainable housing
  • protecting and enhancing historic buildings
  • promoting biodiversity
  • conserving nature sites
  • negotiating with property developers
  • engaging with local people

The MA degree will provide you with a sound knowledge and understanding of the built and natural environment and a range of transferable skills such as problem solving, communications, and team working.

Studies by the Royal Geographical Society show that Geography degrees are an excellent basis for developing the transferable skills and knowledge that many employers value. You will be skilled in communication, problem solving, analysis and interpretation.

Many of our graduates pursue Geography-related careers in development or environmental consultancies, government, tourism, planning and teaching.

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