Teaching and assessment

for Environmental Science (with Dundee & Angus College) BSc (Hons)

Date of entry

August 2021


We use a range of teaching methods, including active participation in laboratory and computing practical classes, seminars, small group discussions, fieldwork, guided independent study, coursework and lectures

Although key concepts and core knowledge will be explained in lectures, you will also be trained to access and critically evaluate scientific data and supporting information from other sources. The emphasis is on encouraging you to take control of your learning and pursue your own interests within the framework of the core curriculum.


Our assessment methods reflect your performance in a range of tasks, and avoid excessive reliance on exams.

Assessment is through a combination of coursework, comprising all laboratory and fieldwork reports, class tests, essays and verbal presentations, and end-of-year examinations.

Coursework counts for 75% of the overall assessment at Level 1, 50% at Level 2 and between 50% and 100% of the modules at Levels 3 and 4.

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