Cardiovascular and Diabetes Medicine (Intercalated) BMSc (Hons)

School of Medicine

Learn about scientific method and communication, as well as cardiovascular and diabetes medicine

Start date
September 2024
1 year
Dundee City Campus

Studying medicine gives you a clear trajectory towards becoming a doctor, but what if you’d like the opportunity to study a specific topic in more detail or explore a more lab-based or theoretical area of medicine? This is where an intercalated degree could benefit you.

With an intercalated degree, you can spend a year studying a topic of interest which has a number of benefits: you’ll be more informed about career options post-graduation, you'll gain new transferable skills, including research skills, and gain a deeper insight into a subject area that interests you.

This lab-based degree focuses on enhancing your understanding of the control mechanism underlying energy metabolism as well as the function of the heart and circulation and how this can lead to disease. You'll learn about current treatments, recent clinical trials and how large cohort genetic studies can be used to impact treatment. You'll also develop skills in study design, scientific methodology and communication, and gain a critical awareness of current research questions in the field.

Dundee is renowned for translational medical research which has real-world clinical impact. You'll be exposed to research from the fundamental level right up to large population studies, and gain an understanding of how our research shapes our understanding of metabolic diseases.

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